Sunday, 21 January 2018

Gotz HK Charlotte 2017

A second Charlotte has been released in the year 2017.
She also has brown eyes as Charlotte released 2016 but she has black, curly hair! Her original outfit is a red and black dress, which is not very much my taste. But at the toy fair in Nurnberg, she has been shown in a very nice outfit with panda shoes. This outfit was sold separately. So I bought it and I must admit this outfit suits her very well! So my following pictures will show her in this outfit and not in the outfit she comes when bought.

Here you see her with her friend Charlotte 2016

Gotz Anna in Paris 2017

Anna is a beautiful multijointed Gotz doll which has been released in September 2017.
She is a special Signature Edition!

 As Anna came up in Autumn, this is her favourite season! And she loves Paris very much.
Her hair is slightly curly and her eyes have a special grey-brown colour, which was also new to other dolls in 2017!
Nevertheless, when Anna Paris - as I called her to distinguish from other Annas - came to me, I carefully washed her hair and then I put in rollers and let it dry. In my eyes she is the most beautiful multijointed doll.
Anna Paris is wearing an outfit in dark pink - a knitted sweaterdress, matching shoes and handbag as well as headband. But the cutest thing is her white little dog, who can sit in the handbag and who as a matching pink pullover!

I really love her! And so I took my knitting needles and knitted her and outfit - matching to her beautiful eyes.
She is really a "must-have" for collectors!

Here she comes:

And here she is with her knitted outfit, which I knitted for her. The pattern is called "Shontae" and is from Debonair Designs. I added a knitted body which she wears underneath.