Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Gotz Happy Kidz Rosie, Limited Edition of 250

Gotz Happy Kidz Rosie is a numbered Limited Edition doll and has been released with a number of 250 worldwide. The number is not written on her body as on dolls in former times, but on the certificate of the doll.

Rosie was created for the company "My Doll Best Friends" in the UK. They called their own brand "CHOSEN" , made by Götz. Rosie is only available at "My Doll Best Friends".
Her original outfit is very impressive but I prefer clothes suitable for every day.
Rosie has got brown, middle parted hair and blue eyes.

Rosie in her exclusive outfit

Rosie in every day clothes

My two Rosies

Rosie in a nice dress

Monday, 17 April 2017

Happy Kidz Emma and Luisa 2017

In 2017 Happy Kidz dolls with a new eye colour have been released.

Lets get started with

           EMMA 2017

Emma is a blonde doll with the new eyecolour "hazel", a mixture between grey and brown. Her hair is middle parted and waist long.
She is wearing a lovely pale pink dress which is covered with floppy flowers in the front and on the sleeves. In the back the dress is darker pink with polka dots.
On her feet Emma is wearing white ankle socks and silver shoes, trimmed with a pink line. As underwear she wears simple white briefs.

This is my Emma wearing her original clothes

Another doll with the new eye colour is

LUISA 2017

The doll named Luisa in 2017 has not only new eye colour "hazel" but also a new hair colour.
She is very special also in her very nice outfit. Her black hair is curly with a side parting.
LUISA 2017 is wearing a grey sparkling jersey dress; the skirt of this dress is covered with silvery dots.
Over her neck she wears a large pale pink fur collar which is tied with a bow.
Luisa's pale pink tights are soft textured knitt - very nice!!! Her dark grey boots are made from fleece with a zip up the front.
She also wears glasses which I removed.